Campaign #1


These campaign pages will be the most exciting of all the pages and all the work that I ultimately do with regards to creating a debt free life.

I’m campaigning to remove the codes of silence and secrecy that surround our country’s lending and debt collection practises. In my own journey out of debt I have found there are substantial moral, ethical, unjust and legal issues around our debt collection practises and credit reporting systems.

This first campaign – SAY NO TO CREDIT SCORING- is the way to bring awareness to the public that we need fairer reporting and ethical debt collection systems. Credit scoring and credit reporting allows for selective discrimination to occur.  Banks can refuse to open bank accounts for new customers when defaults are listed against them on a credit report. The prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Human Rights Act 1993 does not include items listed against a credit report or a consumers credit score. So banks are free to make policies that mean they can exclude all consumers as customers that have defaults listed against them, regardless of the reasons. And you can’t operate in this society without a bank account.

What’s scary is that some authorities are aware of the practises and they are turning a blind eye and allowing the behaviours to continue. As a result people are struggling with financial hardship and poverty, having to choose insolvency procedures like bankruptcy because there is no other alternative. Unware that any default or legal insolvency is a mark against them for life.

People commit suicide because of debt. I believe if they had known the truth about debt collection and learnt the strategies to get out of debt they would not have needed to have chosen such an option.

Once we know the truth we can then educate our selves better and guard against the hardship and cruelty of being controlled by debt. We don’t need to be slaves to debt. We can create better lives for ourselves and live prosperously.

Debt and financial hardship have hidden psychological components and you won’t realise just how little control you have over your life until you start making changes to improve it.

The goal of this website is to ensure every debtor knows the truth about debt and how they can take action to become debt free for life.

This campaign specifically is to encourage lenders to not use creditor scoring against debtors. It is very damaging to debtors and is completely unnecessary.

The credit reporting industry as it likes to be known, like the debt collection industry, is unregulated in New Zealand and is governed only by the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004. There are also no legally recognized standards that they and debt collectors must adhere to.

If my website and campaign can save one person’s life from suicide or a life of debt driven poverty, my journey would have been worth it.

Please contact me if you would like to join this campaign


and help others to learn the truth about debt and create an awesome life.

Lisa 🙂