Debt Free For Life ~ The Journey Begins

Welcome to my new website. My name is Lisa and this blog-site is to help you access information that you can use to help you get out of debt and create a life plan that you can develop over time to make real permanent changes in your life and create more income and generate real wealth.

This site is new so content and layout will evolve over time. Please feel free to leave comments or suggest a topic. I respond personally to all requests.

I’m running another ~DEBT FREE FOR LIFE~ seminar in Christchurch in May 2018.
The first part of the seminar I’ll walk you though some strategies that you can apply immediately to start getting out of debt and create a better life for yourself.

I’ll share my debt story and some insights into how debt collection actually works in New Zealand. Be prepared to be shocked because the reality is probably different to what you through was true about the debt collection industry.

I’ll show you what debt collection letters look like, what a credit report is and how credit scoring can affect your ability to get credit.

The second part of the evening is Income/wealth where we’ll look at how we can generate cashflow and create income from different sources.
If you would like to know more about the ~DEBT FREE FOR LIFE~ seminar or to register please email me:-

(or download a registration form here)

and I’ll send you some further information.
Look forward to seeing you then.

Lisa 🙂